Frequently Asked Questions


Will my son be on the same team as his friend?

Teams are randomly assigned. There are no requests taken. Camp provides an opportunity to play with new teammates.  Campers are assigned to make up as many equal and competitive teams as possible.  To balance the competition, campers may be moved from one team to another during the week.

What is the roommate request policy?

Requests are not guaranteed.  However, campers are allowed to ask for one (1) roommate.  We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but there are no guarantees.

Requests that are mutual (meaning both campers have listed each other on their registration as wanting to be roommates) and made 2 weeks prior to the start of camp have a greater chance of being met.

There are different room configurations depending upon the dorm we are assigned each summer.  There are possible doubles, triples and/or quads that each camper may be assigned to. 

If you register late, there is less of a chance to accommodate roommate requests.

Once a room is assigned and registration has begun, there are numerous reasons for not being able to accommodate a request.  Campers without a roommate request will be matched up by age (most campers do not list a roommate).

Dorm floors are also assigned by age group and have staff on every floor.

Everyone should be open to meeting new friends from all over the country and beyond!

Campers will not be rooming alone. The housing coordinator matches up campers by age.  This may take a bit of time on the first day, so patience is required here.

Changes can only be made by the dorm director and will take place after registration and before dinner time. 

Room changes require documentation submission to Conference Services to ensure emergency contact information and room numbers are accurate.  This is for your child's safety and our emergency contact records. There are no exceptions.


Can Campers explore the campus?

Campers should never leave the general vicinity of the assigned Dorm building.


Will the Stanford players and coaches be working camp?

Yes, some of the players will be working camp. We do not know who will be working and when because of their summer school schedule. Coaches are at camp when recruiting schedules do not conflict.


What is the camper to staff ratio at camp? What is the camper to staff ratio in the dorms?

The ideal camper to staff ratio is 10:1 or less. This is our goal.  In the dorms, the camper staff ratio (per floor) is about 6:1.


Is there an option for partial camp registration payment?

Full payment is required to hold the campers spot at camp. For obvious reasons, head counts are crucial for staffing, team assignments, daily scheduling and room/meal planning.


Can I watch my son play?

You are welcome to attend any session of camp where there is room for observation. We ask that parents and observers stay off the playing court. There is spectator viewing in the balcony of Maples Pavilion and hallway standing room at the Ford Center.

The practice gym in Maples Pavilion does NOT have room for observation, so please be aware of this and make plans accordingly.


Is there a Camp Bank for the overnight Elite campers?

Yes.  There will be a "camp store area" with clothing, candy, food and drinks.  Resident campers are encouraged to deposit money (CASH ONLY) in their camp store account at registration to avoid the need to carry money or risk having money lost. Any money that is not spent will be refunded (in CASH) at the end of camp.


Any tips for first time campers?

Bring a pair of flip-flops to air out your feet during meals / in between sessions.

Changing socks mid-day is a good way to avoid blisters as well.

Drink lots of water! Keep hydrated.


Where can Commuter Campers rest between meals while overnight campers are in their rooms?

Commuter Campers use the Dorm main floor lounge as a resting spot / home base between meals and roll call. Bring a book or a deck of cards! This is for campers only folks as once camp starts, only the boys are permitted in the boys dorm.