Camp Rules

Camper Safety

First and foremost, the STAFF takes full responsibility in providing for the safety and welfare of all campers.  This is our number one priority.  The camp rules listed below are the direct result of over three decades of experience in successful camp administration.  Though we rarely have problems, campers who repeatedly fail to follow the rules will be sent home immediately.  Please take a moment to review the camp rules with your camper prior to camp.

Thanks so much. Let's have fun and let's get better!


Camper Responsibilities

1.  Cell phone usage is prohibited during camp activities.  Cell phones may be used at the dorms, at meals, and break time (prior to lights out).  Campers are solely responsible for cell phones. 

2.  Campers are to attend all instructional sessions, team practices, and team games on time.

 3.  Campers must listen to all staff, and be courteous and respectful at all times. 

4.  Always travel with your team and coach when moving from one activity to the next. 

5.  No playing basketball or dribbling on the outdoor courts during our morning session/breakfast, as there are other camps (as well as students living on campus) Out of respect, we will not dribble or play prior to the lunch hour break. 

6.  NO ONE may leave campus unless they are released as commuters or they have permission from the camp/housing director.  No camper should leave the general vicinity of the assigned dorm building. 

7.  Once you are at the dorm for the night, you may not leave! 

8.  NO illegal substances or alcoholic beverages shall be possessed nor consumed. 

9.  NO ONE may ride in a vehicle on the campus at any time unless injured. 

10.  Campers should not walk back to the dorms in the evening without a coach. High school campers may travel with a buddy.

11.  Failure to abide by the camp regulations will result in dismissal from the camp and the forfeit of all investments.


Camper Dorm Responsibilities

1.  All campers are to be showered and in their rooms for bed check by 10:30 PM. Lights out and electronics off by 11:00 PM.  The dorm showers are stalls with curtains. You may want to inform your camper that this is not a private bathroom and is shared with hall-mates.  Flip-flops are good to wear in the community shower, too! 

2.  Once registration is complete, parents/visitors are not allowed inside of the assigned dorm building. All visits must take place in the dorm entry or right outside of the dorm building.

3.  Respect of your own space, as well as shared space with both your roommate(s), as well as shared community space is essential to the success of camp.  Keeping your own space neat and clean is part of the camp experience. 

4.  Absolutely NO FEMALE visitation at any time. 

5.  Dismissal will result from conduct that we deem inappropriate. We will contact parents and get the individual removed as soon as possible. 

6.  The staff will go over rules and regulations for the dorm.  Make sure all rooms and floors are reasonably clean. 

7.  Wake-up will be at 7:00 a.m. by assigned floor counselors.  Campers have until roll call (8:30 a.m.) to get their breakfast and get ready for camp activities.

 8.  Windows are to be closed in the evenings (ALL LEVELS).  Small fans are encouraged.

9. Do not change rooms without approval from the housing director.

10.  Room furniture is not to be moved.  Fire Marshall inspections (mandated codes) are followed to the letter.


Meal / Dining Hall Expectations

1.  Absolutely no horseplay. 

2.  We want you to enjoy your meal, but don’t take more than you can eat.

3.  Trays must be taken to designated area after each meal and should not be left on the dining table. 

4.  Campers must wear shoes in the cafeteria. 

5.  Wait patiently in the line.  Campers who take cuts will be moved to the end of the lines. 

6.  Be courteous to the cafeteria personnel. 

7.  Keep noise down in the cafeteria. 

8.  For day camp, campers are not allowed to leave Maples Pavilion.

 9.  No running in the bleachers, hanging on railings, or climbing bleachers.